We have all been running with the Big bang theory and adding more layers to it, permanently silencing the church about the order of creation, which God Himself outlined for all human beings in Genesis Chapter One.

The church abandoned all of that and started concocting other narratives that fit into what the world scientists have convinced the world happened. We even try to reconcile the Bible’s few thousand years of the world’s existence with the billions of years of the world scientist’s Big Bang claims, to not lose our audiences completely—especially since our numbers in the churches have been steadily going down.

In some of my previous books, I ran with the Big Bang theory, but only as purposely created and carefully managed and directed by God, since there is nothing that God cannot achieve (Luke 1:37); etc.

If God had chosen to create the universe through a Big Bang, an explosion of such magnitude and intensity will be elementary stuff for Him, because He is Almighty: For He who is the Living Fire, spreading fire across our “tiny” space to establish a universe like ours, is not extraordinary.

However, God did not create the universe through any Big Bang! It was only as I was about to publish my very last book: “Everyone is a Protestant,” that God made me understand what He was saying in Isaiah 40:26 NIV. Like everyone else, from the NASA photos of Mars, I have always wondered what eroded the surface of Mars to look like photos that were taken of the earth. I have always felt some anxiety in my wonder, that the world scientists would succeed in using those erosion evidences to cook up something that can damage the Bible creation records much further.

But my strong faith in everything God had said in the Bible, continues to reassure me that the God, who lives from everlasting to everlasting, can fight His own battles better than I, or any other human being, can fight it for Him. Except the erosion that was caused by wind and other natural forces on the planets in our universe, the erosion that we see on the planets, came from the water of creation which quenched them from the stars they used to be, and shaped them as they each pass through it (Isaiah 40:26 NIV), on their way to the space of our universe where God placed each of them in the exact slot He made for each of them on Day 2 of creation, to serve the new purpose He assigned them since they ceased being stars.

According to Isaiah 40:26 NIV; Job 38:12-15 NIV, Ezekiel 28:8,12-19 NIV; Isaiah 14:4-20 and a host of other accurate records in the Bible, there is not a single planet in the entire universe, which was not passed through the water of creation by God, to turn them from stars to planets and satellites. That being the case, all the planets in the universe were not only quenched into planets by water, but were also shaped and contoured by water to what they each are, today!

Detecting water on any plane around the universe, therefore, is not a contradiction to the Bible truths. Nor is it a sign that the planet in question used to sustain life. If for anything, the traces of water that have been detected on planets around the universe, confirm the Bible records, that each planet was quenched in the water of creation from their star self to the planet they became, and their surfaces eroded by the flood of the same water, as each of them came through the water to the space of our universe.

Through so many years of the world’s formal education, our minds have been filled with lots of human-fabricated information as the truth of science. That clutter has made it almost impossible for most of us to understand the truths which the Bible states so plainly—such as Isaiah 40:26 NIV.

Impacted the same way by the world’s formal education, those who lead the churches continue to interpret the same truth of God in the Bible whichever way their so-called modern education directs them, leading to uncountable versions of the Bible and as many denominations.

The Origin of Space, Time, the Universe and the Earth

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